William Taylor Maine & Jane Eliza Stillman.

William Taylor Mayne.1831 – 1885.

William was born on the 14 th of March 1831 in Belgium the only son of Major Simon Mayne of the 19th Light Dragoons , his mother was Charlotte Boreland.

He was baptised in Wokingham ,Berkshire on the 7th April 1831.

He married Jane Eliza Stillman June 1866 in Brussels Belgium .
Before living at Upwood House he was residing at St.James Westminster as a boarder in 1871.

He lived at Upwood house St. Johns Park in 1878  but died on 25th December 1885 his grave is in Ryde Cemetery Isle of Wight. After  his death his wife Jane stayed in the house

Portsmouth Evening News – Thursday 31st December 1885

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Jane Eliza Stillman. 1814 -1896.

Jane was Born in 1814 in Steeple Ashton Wiltshire and her baptism was on the 20th November 1814. Her father was William Stillman and her mother Anna Marie Newman.
Jane married  Henry Wing Loftie Eaton on the  18th October 1838 but he died in 1839..  Her second husband was Robert Rice who she married on 3rd May 1841 but Robert died in October 1865 in the Isle of Wight.

Jane married William Taylor Mayne in Belgium on 5th June 1866

Jane died on 1 st July 1896 still living in Upwood House with three servants …Two cooks and a butler.


Jane is buried in Ryde , Isle of Wight cemetery with William Taylor Mayne.



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