John Pennington Legh and Emily Legh


John Pennington Legh and Emily J Legh lived in Upwood house in 1871 with their two children John and Ruth. .
Emily  was born Emily Jane Grant in 1837 and lived in Bradford Abbis Dorset.
Emily  married John  in Bradford Abbis on the 12 th August 1858
They then  moved to the Isle of Wight after their marriage and lived in Westfield House , Bonchurch , Isle of Wight in 1861 and had 7 servants.
When they lived in Upwood house they had 9 servants.

In 1901 Emily was living back in Dorset with 3 servants but died on 3rd December 1935.

John died 3rd June 1894 in Brankstone Park  , Dorset.

The family home and family tree of John Pennington Legh.


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