Into my garden….from my patio .

I have a small patio but it’s amazing how much birdlife I get each day . This beautiful Robin comes every day looking for breakfast . Two weeks ago he looked very scruffy as he was moulting but has a new coat and is looking stunning .

Robins are one our favourite garden birds . They can become very tame and get to trust people they get to know , although I have yet to get it eating from hand .

Robins don’t often migrate , but become less visible . When food is less visible they tend to forage more in woods so it’s important to keep up the food supply .

sadly robin’s lifespan is only about 13 months on average due to high mortality in their first year . Once they have passed that barrier , they stand a much better chance of surviving .. the record currently stands at about 19 years .

Two robins I am so lucky .

Looking very scruffy …before they had their new coats .

Winter is on it’s way so not so many birds at the moment but some stunning bees and butterflies , obviously bees collecting the last of the nectar before the cold weather sets in .